Terms & Conditions

The BIG small print…..

  • We intend to give you the best, reliable service available.
  • We will turn up on time and do what we have promised at the price we quote, with no hidden surprises or extras.
  • If for some reason, we are late, we will telephone or text you as soon as we know.
  • We always have one hour windows in which we will arrive
  • We have some great, honest people as clients and try our best to look after them. We’ll do the same for you too.
  • We are very flexible on working methods and systems matched to your needs. In Return We Ask You To Be Fair With Us.
  • We have been in business for a long time and have seen and heard just about everything. We don’t have time for time wasters.
  • Our prices are very reasonable and fair and are at at a level that allow us to do a good job (by using the right equipment, solutions and most importantly, taking enough time to do it right). So…
    • 1 – If you say “I can get it at half the price from XXXXX down the road”, that’s fine. Please use them at your peril.
    • 2 – If you want to haggle, there are plenty of cheap cleaners around who will happy to deal with you.
    • 3 –  We’ve lost count of the people who say “Do this at a big discount and I’ll pass more work your way”. Sorry, it does not work that way. If this is your approach, please do not contact us. We do however, pay commissions/discount future work in certain circumstances so if you do pass a lot of work our way, we always look after you.
    • 4 – If you are thinking of booking us and then not being at home when we call, please book someone else.
    • 5 – If you book commercial work with us and tell us a room will be cleared / emptied, that is what we expect.
    • 6 – Payment on completion of work is required without exception.

We hope that our no nonsense fair approach does not offend , and you enjoy a smooth experience using our services. Please don’t be put off by the above. If you are fair with us (which almost all people are) you will get the best job that we can do… without having your home flooded, wrecked or your possessions damaged. We’ll turn up on time and you’ll get a cheerful hello and a friendly smile. We have coffee with one sugar, no cake or biscuits though, we are all trying to stay trim.

Thanks, Jason

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