Water damage restoration

We’ll clean up following a escape of water using thorough, effective procedures

Water disasters cause devastating damage in most instances. Valley Cleaning always takes a personal approach to dealing with the human side of these disaster situations. This area is a particular passion to Jason and, once the scope of works is agreed, he takes a very aggressive approach to seeing the restoration through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Effective solutions

We’ll clean up following a escape of water using thorough effective procedures and the latest in equipment and cleaning solutions. After removal of standing water the next stage of damage mitigation is to clean and sanitise all areas affected by flood waters.

There are differing grades of water disasters, with escapes of water ranging from clean water sources to contaminated sources such as sewage. It’s imperative that the clean-up process is dealt with quickly. If the clean-up of water damage is delayed then contamination grade can change very quickly and change the level of restoration work required.

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